Images courtesy of James Law Cybertecture


Hong Kong architect designs $15,000 flats from water pipes

18 January 2018 | By Joe Quirke | 3 Comments

Hong Kong architect James Law Cybertecture has created a prototype micro-house that is designed to ease Hong Kong’s affordable housing problems.

OPod Tube Housing builds apartments using sections of 2.5m-diameter concrete water pipe.

The method creates a 9.3 sq m home for one or two inhabitants, containing living, cooking and bathroom spaces. It also has smart phone locks for access as well as space-saving furniture that maximises interior space. A glass panel acts as the door and window of the property.

The modular homes are stackable and are designed to replicate a low-rise building when placed on top of one another.

The 20 tonne apartments can also be relocated other sites in the city.

James Law Cybertecture says the pods will cost US$15,000 to make, with monthly rent costing $416 – much cheaper than the Hong Kong average.

A prototype apartment has been built, but multiple stacked homes have not. The firm is talking to local government officials about making the pods a commercial reality.

Images courtesy of James Law Cybertecture