OX2 and Ikea owner to develop giant Swedish wind farm for hydrogen

One they made earlier: Metsälamminkangas wind farm in Finland (OX2)
Swedish renewable energy developer OX2 has teamed up with Ingka Investments, the owner of the Ikea furniture chain, to develop the Neptunus wind and hydrogen hub off Sweden’s southeast coast.

It’ll have up to 207 giant wind turbines, the tallest of them standing 420m.

If one of them were a building it would be Europe’s second tallest, around 110m higher than London’s Shard.

The hub’s total installed capacity will be around 3.1GW.

The joint venture wants to use it to make green hydrogen, and they’ve applied for a licence to produce up to 370,000 tonnes a year.

They say they could also oxygenate the lower depths of the Baltic Sea.

That’s because the hydrogen electrolysis process splits the water molecule into one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The hub could inject this spare oxygen into the sea to boost marine life.

OX2 announced plans for the hub in March last year (see further reading). At the time, the plan was for 1.9GW and a hydrogen production capacity of 225,000 tonnes.

Emelie Zakrisson, OX2’s head of offshore wind development, said Neptunus would be a “next generation” wind farm, allowing Sweden to secure energy for sectors that can’t be electrified.

OX2 and Ingka are developing six offshore wind farms in Sweden: Galene on the west coast; Triton and Neptunus in the south of Sweden; Aurora between the islands of Öland and Gotland; and Pleione and Ran off the east coast of Gotland.

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