Small Finnish municipality plans to make its own hydrogen

Utajärvi is teaming up with the University of Oulu to research the production of solar hydrogen (Janne-Pekka Manninen/University of Oulu)
The small municipality of Utajärvi in central Finland has teamed up with the University of Oulu to work out how to make its own hydrogen to fuel vehicles and industry.

The hydrogen will be produced using solar power from a plant under construction there.

Utajärvi has also zoned an area for a wind farm.

The aim is to develop a prototype solar hydrogen reactor with commercial potential.

They’ll explore hydrogen storage options and test hydrogen as a transport fuel.

The plan includes building a refueling station on Highway 22.

“Finland is lagging behind in the use of hydrogen as a transport fuel,” said Jouni Juntunen, Professor of Automotive Business at the University of Oulu Business School, who is leading the study.

“We do not yet have any hydrogen refueling stations, which prevents, for example, the introduction of hydrogen trucks. Without getting the energy logistics right, the green transition will be cancelled.”

The project began in September last year, and runs to the end of February 2026.

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