Carbon-neutral tile factory to ‘set new standards for Europe’

Wienerberger’s image of the factory
Austrian materials producer Wienerberger says its carbon-neutral concrete roof-tile factory in Hungary will “set a new standard across Europe”.

The €30m, 7,300-sq-m plant in Hejopapi will be fully automated, with humans mostly monitoring.

The company says the plant’s machines will communicate with each other to coordinate production. 

It will be the company’s first tile factory in Hungary.

The company says the plant will automate the mixing and moulding of the concrete, and the drying of the tiles.

Robots will stack them on self-driving forklifts and package them.

The energy used for drying will come from heat pumps.

Heimo Scheuch, Wienerberger’s chief executive, said: “The investment, which is one of the most significant industrial investments in Hungary, will make this carbon-neutral plant one of the most modern in Europe.”

The plant will begin operations in the second half of next year. It will produce 3 million sq m of tiles a year.

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