Mammoet slides rail bridge into place on the River Oder

The bridge was assembled on the German side of the Oder and then moved across the river to its installation position
Dutch heavy lift specialist Mammoet has published details of its project to replace the Küstrin rail bridge over the River Oder on the German-Polish border.

The project team decided to remove the bridge and slide its pre-assembled replacement into place.

Mammoet said the new span is the world’s first network arch bridge with carbon hangers, whose “sleek, light and soft design is a fitting symbol of innovation, openness and connection”.

Altogether, the new structure weighs 2,100 tonnes and stretches 180m. Its improved strength will increase line capacity and allow trains to travel at 120km/h.

Koen Brouwers, Mammoet’s project manager for the installation, commented: “Most bridges are floated into place using a combination of Mammoet self-propelled modular transporters, launching plates and a pontoon. However, the use of a pontoon here was not possible due to shallow and changing water levels. Using a large crane, capable of positioning loads with a long reach, was also not feasible due to the weight and length of the bridge.”

Mammoet’s engineers therefore came up with a sliding solution that avoided the use of cranes and pontoons.

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