US firm’s first gravity-power plant set to go live in China

Work is under way on a plant in Zhangye in Gansu province, where large-scale renewable schemes are also being constructed  (Energy Vault)
US company Energy Vault’s first commercial-scale gravity energy storage plant is preparing to go live in Jiangsu province, China.

The 100MWh project in Rudong district uses the New York-listed company’s EVx gravity energy storage system.

It works in the same way as a pumped storage hydro plant, but uses excess energy from renewable generation to lift blocks rather than water.

Rudong is located next to a wind farm.

The plant was connected to the Chinese grid in December and is now undergoing commissioning. Energy Vault has not said when it will become fully operational.

The Rudong scheme is presently undergoing commissioning (Energy Vault)

The Rudong scheme was carried out with environmental services and waste management firm China Tianying and Miami developer Atlas Renewable.

This team has nine other EVx projects under way in China totalling 3.7GWh, of which three have started construction.

These are:

  • A 68MWh project in Zhangye City, Gansu Province;
  • A 200MWh project in Ziuquan City, Jinta County, Gansu Province;
  • A 100MWh project in in Huailai Cunrui Town, Zhangjiakou County, Hebei Province.

The first of these schemes, in Zhangye, is the furthest along. Work began last spring, and four floors of construction have been completed above ground.

The Rudong and Zhangye projects have been designated “new energy storage pilot demonstration projects” by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

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