What you cared about most: See the most-read GCR stories of 2022

Destroyed apartment building in Irpin, Ukraine. Our report on the EU’s threats to seize $300bn in Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine was the most read in 2022 (Rasal Hague/CC BY-SA 4.0)
As GCR readers in many countries prepare for Christmas and New Year holidays, we offer a list of our most-read stories of 2022 as a way of reflecting on another tumultuous year.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine makes its presence felt in interest showed in articles about the EU’s threats to seize $300bn in Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine, Mexico’s plan to export gas to Europe, and Poland’s breaking through the Vistula Spit to increase its maritime independence.

The comparative vibrancy of the US construction market shows in the popularity of articles about big commercial and infrastructure projects there, as the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act championed by the Biden administration takes effect.

As climate concern grows, our coverage of renewable energy driving new types of construction activity got attention, with stories about wooden turbine blades and solar panels on canals entering the final top 10.

Hopes for a revival in the Gulf construction market seems to have bolstered interest in our story on the race to build Bahrain’s metro system, while the ongoing revolution in construction technology continues to intrigue, as evidenced by the traffic generated by our “swarms of flying construction drones” article.

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