Bjarke Ingels Group designs 60-acre Texan campground with printed hotel

Images courtesy of Icon
Danish architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Texan 3D-printing company Icon will design the extension and refurbishment of a 21-acre campground in Marfa, west Texas, for hotelier Liz Lambert.

El Cosmico will be expanded to a 60-acre site, with a pool, spa and communal facilities, complete with a printed hotel with domes, arches and vaults.

The duo is also collaborating on a printed performance pavilion at the Long Centre for The Performing Arts in Austin.

The pavilion takes the shape of a crescent emerging from the natural slope of the centre’s front lawn, as if “an exposed cliff” according to BIG.

The pavilion and the campsite design are inspired by the high desert landscape, the galaxy and Uruguayan engineer and architect Eladio Dieste.

Bjarke Ingels, BIG’s founder, said: “This project has allowed us to pursue the formal and material possibilities of cutting-edge printed construction untethered by the traditional limitations of a conventional site or client.

“Organic shapes, Euclidian circular geometries and a colour palette born from the local terroir makes El Cosmico feel as if literally erected from the site it stands on.”

Construction is due to begin in 2024.

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